Win in Svendborg

Svendborg 68-84 Vejen Basketball Klub

Q1: 15-20; Q2: 18-25; Q3:18-18; Q4: 17-21.

Players Points:

#14 Andersen K.  4
#11 Christensen C.  6
#6 Christensen L.  20
#15 Cridland N.  16
#4 Larsen M.  11
#13 Ljaljevic J.  2
#5 Hejlskov M.  5
#9 Oberuč J.  2
#10 Serritzlew K.  16
#7 Tygesen J.  2
Totally different story than sunday’s game in Vejen Idrætscenter. 
Svendborg is ready to fight and they played a good game until 2 minutes to the end of second quarter. In those 2 minutes the defensive pressure of Vejen was at its best with a good run.
After a balanced 3rd quarter, Vejen stayed in control and played a though defense and smart offense, attacking the weaknesses of Svendborg. 
Good ending to the 2017 for the Basketball Klub Vejen ’81 that provides for a record of 4-1, being the second force of the championship.
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