Endnu en sejr til BKV81

12-14; 13-28; 17-12; 12-19.

Larsen 6
Hejlskov 6
Thorogood 2
Lennert 4
Oberuc 2
Serritzlew 21
Christensen L. 17
Sill II 14
Ljaljevic 4

Good road win for Vejen that clinched a secure spot in the playoffs beating a hard-to-die DSIO which tried to come back in the final minutes.
Good debut for the youngest boy of Vejen, Thorogood, 14 years old, who scored 2 points and fought without any fear against older opponents.

Now well deserved winter holidays before a top match against Vejle, on home court, to clinch the second place in the tournament.